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The Future of Music Marketing?

Posted in Advanced Communications with tags , on December 2, 2012 by Stewart

By now you may have heard of an artist named Sonny Moore, otherwise known as Skrillex.  He has released several big hits in the last few years and just like any other artist needs to find a way to sell his music.  Enter Skrillex Quest, his new online flash game that you play with one of his new song (Summit) playing in the background.  Of course, there are links provided to buy the song in iTunes and to go to his Facebook page.  I found this to be a very novel way to change the way that an artist reaches their audience and gets them to listen to the song, in this instance you listen to the same song multiple times to the point that it became completely stuck in my head by the time I had finished the game.

Finding new ways to engage the audience is of paramount concern in an industry as clouded as the music industry is.  By doing this through a game it engages the listener and makes them feel like they are getting a lot more when they decide to buy the album or even just the single song after it was stuck in their head.  Another instance of engaging the audience came from one of Linkin Park’s new single Lost in the echo where you could become part of the music video which makes you want to watch the whole video just to see which pictures will show up there.

Both of these experiences are very engaging for the user and ensure that they at least give your song a chance to make a strong first impression while separating it from a lot of the other music that is available for download on the internet.

Link to the game is available here