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The Future of Music Marketing?

Posted in Advanced Communications with tags , on December 2, 2012 by Stewart

By now you may have heard of an artist named Sonny Moore, otherwise known as Skrillex.  He has released several big hits in the last few years and just like any other artist needs to find a way to sell his music.  Enter Skrillex Quest, his new online flash game that you play with one of his new song (Summit) playing in the background.  Of course, there are links provided to buy the song in iTunes and to go to his Facebook page.  I found this to be a very novel way to change the way that an artist reaches their audience and gets them to listen to the song, in this instance you listen to the same song multiple times to the point that it became completely stuck in my head by the time I had finished the game.

Finding new ways to engage the audience is of paramount concern in an industry as clouded as the music industry is.  By doing this through a game it engages the listener and makes them feel like they are getting a lot more when they decide to buy the album or even just the single song after it was stuck in their head.  Another instance of engaging the audience came from one of Linkin Park’s new single Lost in the echo where you could become part of the music video which makes you want to watch the whole video just to see which pictures will show up there.

Both of these experiences are very engaging for the user and ensure that they at least give your song a chance to make a strong first impression while separating it from a lot of the other music that is available for download on the internet.

Link to the game is available here


Oh… That’s Bad Marketing

Posted in Advanced Communications with tags on November 26, 2012 by Stewart

I was sitting the other day and listening to a conversation at the Commowealth Recreation Center between two people.  The annual craft fair was on and they were discussing their distaste for the “marketing” that had caused there to be a three dollar admission charge to the craft fair this year.  I was sitting there thinking to myself: “is this really marketing’s fault?”  As I listened and they ranted about how they thought it was outrageous and how it would almost certainly result in there being almost no one attending this year.  Problem with this was, when I came into the parking lot on that day I was forced to engage in a 10 minute search for parking, not something that ever happens when I go to Commonwealth.

So clearly, these people had missed out on this experience when they had come to park on this day.  However, this raised a more important question, is it marketing’s fault that they had decided to charge an admission fee because they knew that this would not deter people from attending, in fact, it may have served to improve the experience for those that did attend by lessening the crowds that were filling the entire area.

As time goes on, I think that these types of admission fees will continue to surface, or increase over time as it may be and it raises the question for me as to whether these fees are “marketing’s fault”?  What do you think, do you think that these are the fault of money hungry marketers or just an inevitable evolution over time?

The Best Option?

Posted in Advanced Communications with tags , on November 26, 2012 by Stewart

With the 100th Grey Cup taking place this past weekend it raised an interesting point around choosing the correct public for your message.  Two of the performers for the halftime show were Carly Rae Jepsun and Justin Bieber.  This left me wondering if they were aware of who actually watches the game? Would they run an ad during the Grey Cup that was for a young girl’s clothing or something along those lines?  I wouldn’t know if they actually did this as I elected not to watch; partly based on my disinterest in the CFL and partly in protest of their selection of a halftime show.

It turned out that during the halftime show Bieber was somewhat unsurprisingly booed by the fans that were there.  How could the CFL be so clueless as to who watches their game?  I understand that they wanted to put Canadian content on the stage, especially during the 100th Grey Cup but could they not have found an act that was both Canadian and a better representation of the past 100 years of this event?

Conveniently, Wikipedia has provided this list of all Canadian Musicians, maybe the CFL should consider looking here before the 101st Grey Cup?

Ask McDonalds?

Posted in Advanced Communications with tags , , , on November 19, 2012 by Stewart

A while ago McDonald’s launched a page that promised to let you ask, and have answered any question you have about McDonald’s and what they do.  The danger that I see in this is that since they have linked this process through Facebook and Twitter I have seen multiple people post questions simply so that they can post them to their timeline for the purposes of either making fun of McDonald’s or asking some question that is not designed to help further the conversation.  Many of the questions are not things that you would want many people to even begin to wonder about your company if it was in fast food or any food-related business.  Some example questions that I saw were:

“Is your food actually one molecule away from being plastic?”


“Why does your food look so much more delicious in commercials than it does in reality?”

Neither of these are questions that I would want asked of my company, especially on the company website and broadcast across social media.  While it is admirable that McDonald’s is willing to allow their customers to ask these questions it seems to me that they are opening themselves up to an unnecessary level of criticism by doing so.  It is also interesting to see how some of the questions have been responded to, most of them have been handled very well by the person responsible for returning the answers to the questions.  Who knows, maybe McDonald’s PR team was bored one day and wanted a challenge so they gave themselves an almost unlimited supply of questions to reply to!

Let me know in the comments if you think this would work with other companies s or if you would have done the same given McDonald’s reputation?

Link to the McDonald’s page is available here