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What do a Radio Station and the Victoria Police Department have in Common: Comment

Posted in Blog Comments with tags , , on December 1, 2012 by Stewart

This is my comment to Elle’s blog where she has found some great content fro the world of advanced communications.  In this article she was talking about how different organizations handle their social media presence.

I too really like following the Zone, not only do they address things that are relevant to their listeners and followers but they also respond within comments and take requests and everything through their Facebook page. It is a great way to stay connected with their followers and also allows them to gain more listeners as they often tell people to listen in at a specific time to win prizes etc.

As for the Victoria Police Department I think what they are doing is very interesting. While I agree that it is a fine line to walk, I think it is the only way that it would work, if they were to go with the formal approach there would be backlash from the community rather than the funny comments that are currently found in their conversations.

Elle’s blog can be found here


Bartering is Not Dead!: Comment

Posted in Blog Comments with tags on November 27, 2012 by Stewart

Andrew posted an article on bartering at a computer store, having worked in computer stores in the past I found it very interesting, here is my comment:

This presents an interesting situation, when I worked at Best Buy, bartering was an implied part of the training. We were quickly showed how to access pricing information and told which things had the highest margins so we were readily able to barter with the customer. However, the downfall of Best Buy was that since they don’t trust their employees, everything had to be passed through a manager so it limited the ability you had as an employee to effectively barter.

I think that this is a very effective way to make a sale as people love being able to say that they got something for “free” with their purchase and its even better if they got a discount off of the retail price. This also leads back to your original point, the idea of creating a relationship with the customer which is something that is just about as close to dead as can be in the world of electronics. Most people are highly price sensitive and therefore will just go to the place with the lowest price. By entering the idea of bartering into the negotiation it may bring people through the doors in the future if only just to see how low they can negotiate the price down which, if they feel they continue to get good prices and after-sales service from you may build a relationship.

Andrew’s blog is available here

XL Foods – Surprisingly Still Going: Comment

Posted in Blog Comments with tags on November 27, 2012 by Stewart

This is the comment that I left on Madelynn’s blog:

It is interesting to me as well how they have handled this situation, most food producing companies deeply value the trust that they build in their customers. Food is one area where people are very sensitive to not only the locality of their foods, but the quality and safety of their foods. As a food producer, you would expect them to provide at least some information on how this happened and how they are working towards it not happening in the future. Instead, they have spent their time dodging the criticism.

A good example of how to handle food issues came from the recalls that occurred at Maple Leaf Foods just a couple years ago. Immediately, they accepted blame and distributed information on effected products and even went so far as to publish a personal apology from their CEO. This approach helped them to avoid some of the inevitable backlash from the consumer that happens after a recall and allowed them to continue on as a company much more effectively.

Here is a link to the CEO’s video:

Here is the link to her blog, “Mad about Marketing”

Post Secondary Costs on the Incline: Comment

Posted in Blog Comments with tags on November 26, 2012 by Stewart

Here is my comment on Jon’s blog:

You are probably right, the parking will get us in the end. Given that it has gone up in the neighbourhood of 10-20% every semester that I have been here, greatly outpacing the growth in expenses of school. However, thankfully, parking started at a much lower cost.

It is interesting to see the long term projection over 20 years of where our tuition rates are headed, usually we are only given the short term estimation because people are more affected by those numbers. It should be interesting to see if the estimation of 50% holds up across all tuition rates. This could have some extreme effects, especially in the United States where their tuition rates start in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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These are a few of My Favorite Things… :Comment

Posted in Blog Comments with tags on November 26, 2012 by Stewart

Here is my comment on Deana’s Blog:

Thank you very much for enlightening me on these topics, it has truly opened a whole new world of knowledge for me, I had no idea that Uggs were out of fashion (given so many people are still wearing them!) Of course, I have to agree with you on the need to constantly wear a smile, much like yourself I have found this to be a very successful technique in getting places and meeting new people, keep smiling! …and of course, writing amazing blog posts!

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