What do a Radio Station and the Victoria Police Department have in Common: Comment

This is my comment to Elle’s blog where she has found some great content fro the world of advanced communications.  In this article she was talking about how different organizations handle their social media presence.

I too really like following the Zone, not only do they address things that are relevant to their listeners and followers but they also respond within comments and take requests and everything through their Facebook page. It is a great way to stay connected with their followers and also allows them to gain more listeners as they often tell people to listen in at a specific time to win prizes etc.

As for the Victoria Police Department I think what they are doing is very interesting. While I agree that it is a fine line to walk, I think it is the only way that it would work, if they were to go with the formal approach there would be backlash from the community rather than the funny comments that are currently found in their conversations.

Elle’s blog can be found here


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