Comparing Annual Reports

For our in class assignment we were asked to compare annual reports of three different companies.  After looking at the long list of Canadian companies I realized that there were a minimal number of companies that I had either heard of or interacted with as a consumer.  So like many other people in the class I chose to look at Lululemon, Lionsgate and TELUS first, because I had heard of them but after downloading and taking my first look at the reports it became quite clear that these were completely different reports; of course, they were different in content but they were also vastly different in the way that they were formatted and presented.

Lululemon had used a video rather than an actual paper report, I suppose it made it more personal and obviously less harmful to the environment but as an investor I don’t know how impressed I would be.  If the company was doing well – like Lululemon is – it would be okay, but in rough times I would want to know much more detail than any video could hope to provide.  Nonetheless, it provided some interesting content and overall I thought it was a refreshing and interesting way to present such a report.

Lionsgate must have spent all their graphic design budget on the movies because their annual report was devoid of colour, design or really anything that would have made it interesting to look at.  None of the important facts were highlighted in any way that would catch the reader’s eye.  The only colour that I saw in the report was a single shade of blue that was used to colour the company’s name.  Overall, from a communications perspective I have to say that this was the worst report by far.

TELUS restored my faith in companies making paper reports, they had used colour, design and alignment perfectly to draw the reader’s eyes to the right parts of the page and present all of the relevant information.  Furthermore, they had brought forward all of the important numbers and placed them on one page.  Everything had been coloured if it required attention or was numbered so that the pages of the report were easy to keep track of.

I felt that the TELUS report was the most effective, followed by Lululemon and in last would have been Lionsgate.

All of the reports are available at the links below if you are interested.

TELUS is available here

Lululemon Athletica is available here

Lionsgate Entertainment is available here



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