XL Foods – Surprisingly Still Going: Comment

This is the comment that I left on Madelynn’s blog:

It is interesting to me as well how they have handled this situation, most food producing companies deeply value the trust that they build in their customers. Food is one area where people are very sensitive to not only the locality of their foods, but the quality and safety of their foods. As a food producer, you would expect them to provide at least some information on how this happened and how they are working towards it not happening in the future. Instead, they have spent their time dodging the criticism.

A good example of how to handle food issues came from the recalls that occurred at Maple Leaf Foods just a couple years ago. Immediately, they accepted blame and distributed information on effected products and even went so far as to publish a personal apology from their CEO. This approach helped them to avoid some of the inevitable backlash from the consumer that happens after a recall and allowed them to continue on as a company much more effectively.

Here is a link to the CEO’s video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSrazdNo55U

Here is the link to her blog, “Mad about Marketing”


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