The Best Option?

With the 100th Grey Cup taking place this past weekend it raised an interesting point around choosing the correct public for your message.  Two of the performers for the halftime show were Carly Rae Jepsun and Justin Bieber.  This left me wondering if they were aware of who actually watches the game? Would they run an ad during the Grey Cup that was for a young girl’s clothing or something along those lines?  I wouldn’t know if they actually did this as I elected not to watch; partly based on my disinterest in the CFL and partly in protest of their selection of a halftime show.

It turned out that during the halftime show Bieber was somewhat unsurprisingly booed by the fans that were there.  How could the CFL be so clueless as to who watches their game?  I understand that they wanted to put Canadian content on the stage, especially during the 100th Grey Cup but could they not have found an act that was both Canadian and a better representation of the past 100 years of this event?

Conveniently, Wikipedia has provided this list of all Canadian Musicians, maybe the CFL should consider looking here before the 101st Grey Cup?


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