TED Talks: Michael Pritchard

This TED talk focuses on a new product that takes dirty drinking water (as you will see in the video, this water is VERY dirty) and with only a quick, short process it is able to be cleaned.  This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way that we as humans handle disaster response as it will allow us to avoid the tent cities that pop up all over the place when there is a natural disaster.

What really makes this TED talk interesting for me is the smoothness with which he presents while he demonstrates his product.  His product clearly has lots of research and a strongly thought out execution plan for how it will be implemented into these new situations.

it would be interesting to see how his presentations to government organizations would differ from his TED talk, TED is usually very informal and in some ways almost conversational whereas government organizations would expect a much more formal presentation.  This would be a case where he would have to adapt his presentation and likely his message as well to meet the needs of a new audience; perhaps, using a more numbers based presentation would help him appeal more to investors.  It is also quite possible that keeping his presentation the way it is would work very well for him as it makes people feel at ease.

The video can be found below.


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