Oh… That’s Bad Marketing

I was sitting the other day and listening to a conversation at the Commowealth Recreation Center between two people.  The annual craft fair was on and they were discussing their distaste for the “marketing” that had caused there to be a three dollar admission charge to the craft fair this year.  I was sitting there thinking to myself: “is this really marketing’s fault?”  As I listened and they ranted about how they thought it was outrageous and how it would almost certainly result in there being almost no one attending this year.  Problem with this was, when I came into the parking lot on that day I was forced to engage in a 10 minute search for parking, not something that ever happens when I go to Commonwealth.

So clearly, these people had missed out on this experience when they had come to park on this day.  However, this raised a more important question, is it marketing’s fault that they had decided to charge an admission fee because they knew that this would not deter people from attending, in fact, it may have served to improve the experience for those that did attend by lessening the crowds that were filling the entire area.

As time goes on, I think that these types of admission fees will continue to surface, or increase over time as it may be and it raises the question for me as to whether these fees are “marketing’s fault”?  What do you think, do you think that these are the fault of money hungry marketers or just an inevitable evolution over time?


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