My Fave 5!

So, here it goes, my favorite five things that I learned in PR this semester!

1. I learned what PR is NOT, this may have been the most important lesson.  I believe I entered this class with a lot of misconceptions about what PR was and what it wasn’t.  Needless to say, I have had a lot of those cleared up.

2. I learned just how busy the profession can really be; when i conducted my interview with my PR professional waaaaay back at the beginning of the term I learned, a LOT.  Maria Lironi (of UVic’s communications team) taught me a lot about what her day looks like and what I could expect if I was looking at PR as a career path.

3.  I found out about a lot of the tools of the PR trade, whether it be press releases or Q&A documents there are many tools which PR teams put into place in order to help their organization.

4.  I was surprised to find out how much PR does internally at a company to keep employees sharp and ready for any interaction with the public.  I had always seen PR as dealing with the outside world exclusively but they deal with a lot of internal matters as well.

5.  Finally, I was surprised to find out that PR is an interesting career path that I will definitely consider down the road, after I have completed my degree.


One Response to “My Fave 5!”

  1. Maybe you should keep your eye on some marketing electives 😉

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