NFL Players Union Concerned About PR?

During the ongoing negotiations between the NFL and the players union there have been many sticking points; one of them is that the players want to see the balance sheets for the teams in the league before agreeing to any revenue splitting.  The owners have consistently refused to provide this information.  Until about 3 weeks ago, when the players were offered “limited financial information” by the owners.  However, they declined to accept this information, they said that they thought it was a bad PR move.  Their reason for this was that they didn’t want to give outsiders the impression that they had “gotten what they needed” and should now be ready to make decisions regarding revenue splitting.

I think this raises an interesting question, was it worth possibly holding up the negotiations in order to give outsiders what they believed to be a “better” impressions of how they are handling the negotiations.  I think that it gives a worse impression to refuse possibly helpful information in favour of giving a better impression; I feel that if the players accepted the information and simply made it clear that they were awaiting further information before making an informed decision about how they would want to split revenues.

See the source link here.


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