GoDaddy CEO Takes a Questionable Vacation…

This last week GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons uploaded his “vacation video” from his trip to Africa where he went hunting for a “problem” elephant.  Here is a link to the original video (WARNING: it is somewhat graphic) and here is a link to Parsons’ twitter feed where he has been responding to criticism of his actions.  PETA has cancelled their GoDaddy account and Parsons’ responded by posting some information about PETA and some of their indiscretions.

I think that this is an interesting PR situation because Parsons has decided to give the villagers that are carving the elephant GoDaddy hats and clearly has no problems with the actions that he has taken.  This is an interesting cultural examination as people from North America are disgusted by the thought of killing the elephant (see ABC News’ take on it here) whereas people of Africa are thankful that the elephant is gone as they will not have to deal with it destroying their crops again.

I think it will depend where the court of public opinion rests on this one; if people decide that what he was doing was justified and continue to use GoDaddy then it will be a problem that will pass over quite quickly; however, if people decide that what he was doing was morally wrong then GoDaddy could have a much bigger problem on their hands in dealing with the fallout of such a situation.



One Response to “GoDaddy CEO Takes a Questionable Vacation…”

  1. And the ethical questions are highly intriguing . . .

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