Toyota Creates Another PR Nightmare

So it looks like Toyota is at it again, they have created themselves another public relations nightmare.  Just this week Toyota has recalled another 1.7 million cars in North America, Europe and Japan.  This adds to the already huge number of cars that Toyota has recalled in the last 12 months.  It does appear that Toyota has learned from some of their previous recalls and have chosen to make this recall before any accidents were reported, although as the video mentions there had been nearly 200 complaints world-wide which likely led to the recall.

I think it is good that Toyota is taking a more proactive approach to this recall as it will likely save them problems down the road.  They had previously built up an amazing reputation amongst consumers as one of the safest cars on the road, it is going to be a long road for Toyota to gain this reputation back.  Hopefully this will be the final recalls for a while for Toyota; I think that if they take the bashing that they took in the press last time then it will only get harder for them to make a full recovery.


One Response to “Toyota Creates Another PR Nightmare”

  1. 200 complaints world-wide doesn’t really seem like that many, given all the Toyota cars on the road. One wonders if media reports may have accelerated the problem beyond the actual scope.

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