Sportchek Sales Experience

I feel that throughout the course of this sales blog I have ragged enough on bad customer service, so this time I will talk about good customer service.  While this did happen a while ago I feel that it is necessary to talk about it anyways.  I have had a various selection of low quality winter jackets that I was never truly pleased with over the years, so I decided that it was finally time for a new jacket.  I went to Sportchek after winter was over because I did not particularly want to pay a huge amount of money.  i was looking for a solid winter coat and was eventually greeted by a salesperson, it was pretty busy and they seemed to be pretty busy so this was okay with me.  He showed me a few coats, eventually I found one that I liked, it wasn’t the greatest but it would do the job fine.  However it didn’t have a price (uh oh.)  So he went to talk to his manager to find out a price.  His manager came back and asked me if I would be interested in a larger coat because he had seen me searching for a while.  I said that yes I would be.  He then proceeded to pull out a coat with a $599.99 price tag on it, I laughed at him and told him he was crazy, he told me it was going to be okay and showed me the $399.99 price tag and said that he should trust me it would be a good deal.  He then took me up to the register while warning me that the coat was missing the hood (I told him this was not a big deal because I never use my hood anyways.)  He scanned the coat, it scanned at $99.99 – my mind was subsequently blown.  I bought the coat right away.

By the manager paying attention to what was going on the floor and using his knowledge as to what was in stock he was able to make me very happy and I will definitely be visiting there again.


One Response to “Sportchek Sales Experience”

  1. Wow that is a crazy good deal! It definitely is important to know what is in the store in order to make a good sale. A good lesson to keep in mind…

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