Molson Canadian Sells

Molson Canadian is usually quite reliable to run some very interesting ad campaigns, and to find interesting ways to sell their beer.  I think that this new way has to be one of those at the very top of the pile.  On Canada day this year Molson will launch the first ever 4D beer!

The story claims that the beer was “Developed in a top secret brewing bunker located underneath its Toronto brewery, Molson brewers spent months alongside acclaimed astrophysicists and mathematicians from around the world to break through the 3D barrier and develop proprietary technology that enables the beer to anticipate your drinking need. Further to that, once stored in your fridge, the beer’s sensors can anticipate you reaching for it, signaling almost magically for it to open itself and be there waiting for you to drink.”

This seems an interesting way to re-invent the same beer and possibly drive some sales with minimal effort by the company.  Just another interesting way that Molson is exposing their customers to their product while still trying to make it interesting

If you would like to read more about the 4D beer click here


One Response to “Molson Canadian Sells”

  1. Looks like another classic Molson Canadian beer advertisement. Trying to one up the whole 3D craze that’s going on…. take that the Avatar. It seems like it is going to be a good ad campaign to target their market.

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