Suspicious Sales Calls?

This article shows is interesting because it shows that it is important to validate a cold sales call so that the person that you are calling believes you are a company representative.  I believe that this is especially important when there is a scare going on such as this one, it seems that a safe general rule that is suggested to be used by the public is that you should never give credit card or other purchasing information to someone that calls you.  Instead, you should only give out information when you call someone because then you know that you are calling a legitimate company.

This presents an awkward situation for anyone trying to make sales over the phone.  When there is information of these types of activities happening people will not commit to sales over the phone which can threaten the entire industry.

I have attached the article below for your reading pleasure!

Hydro Ottawa warns of suspicious sales calls

OTTAWA – Hydro Ottawa says they have received customer reports of suspicious phone calls from salespeople claiming to sell “hydro energy savers” on behalf of the utility.

Hydro Ottawa says it is not associated with this company, and does not endorse their products.

The salespeople, who may have identified themselves as members of the hydro maintenance department, have reportedly claimed their product will reduce home electricity consumption when plugged into an outlet.

Hydro Ottawa is encouraging Ottawa residents to be cautious. Residents can help protect themselves by asking to see the salesperson’s identification. Hydro Ottawa is also asking residents to report sales calls to the utility at 613-738-6400.


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