Olympic Superstore Encounter

I was at the Olympics and almost everyone there seemed happy to be there, rarely did you run into someone that didn’t seem excited to be there.  That was until I went to the Olympic superstore;  after looking around at their huge selection I found a coat that I liked; however, they had none left in the size I needed so I went over to the salesperson and asked if they had any more, I was told that what they had was out on the shelf.  So I then asked if there was likely to be any more anywhere else in the store, once again I was disappointed and told simply: “I dunno.”  Somewhat discouraged but still interested in this coat that I had discovered I continued on, so I began looking through the massive store when I happened upon another sales representative who looked happier than the first one; thankfully he greeted me nicely and asked if i was looking for something (i must have looked lost.)  I told him that I was trying to find this jacket in a particular size at which point he told me that he specialized in this line of coats (lucky me.)  He took me over to a rack of the coats and looked through them until he found my size, not only did he do this but he then proceeded to show me some other colour options and showed me the same coat in a colour I had not seen yet that happened to be marked down because they had ordered too many of them.  He asked me if this was what I was looking for (trial close) and asked me if I needed anything else.  As a result of his effort this sales representative made my decision easy, because of the markdown that he had showed me the coat was much more affordable and I bought it right away.


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