Futureshop, Oh Joy

Just a little bit of information before I talk about this topic:  I have had a long-standing hatred, and therefore avoidance of Futureshop and avoid buying things there at all costs.

So here I was, in Futureshop, again, disappointed, again.  This has been a fairly common theme for me over the last several years.  I consider myself someone to be pretty knowledgeable about technology in general so when I go to the electronics store I would expect them to pick this up and talk to me as if I have a clue what is going on.  So I went to Futureshop (unfortunately) and was looking at a portable hard drive that could hold all of the things I don’t want on my computer.  As usual with Futureshop I was ignored for a little while because I didn’t look like I was about to make a instant purchase so I was not going to translate into fast commission for them.  Eventually a salesperson came over and I asked a few questions, the salesperson began to lie to me about the answers (clearly having no idea what they were talking about) and then asked me if I would like to buy it (trial close.)  I told him that I had a few more questions, again he lied to me in a feeble attempt to convince me that the product was better than it was.  Following this he attempted another trial close, this time picking up the hard drive.  I told him that I thanked him for his lies and I would take my business somewhere where the salesperson would tell me the truth.  While he appeared professional at the outset with his physical presentation but once he started talking it was clear that he had a lack of knowledge and was going to be of no use to me, I moved on.


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